Speaking to #FreelanceWriter Leon Bowen

FreelanceWriting - IMAGEToday I spoke to Leon Bowen about his work as a #freelancewriter. What struck me most about Leon was his enthusiasm and sheer dedication towards writing and self-improvement. Listening to his responses is extremely encouraging for other writers looking to pursue their writing, even alongside other work.

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7 Things You Should Know About #TEFL Courses @fiionaking

TEFL - Fiona - IMAGE#TEFL courses are becoming more and more important in a world where English is becoming increasingly popular. But was is the #TEFL?

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5 Mistakes To Avoid When #Negotiating Your #JobSalary

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SalaryNegotiation - IMAGEWhen looking for a job, #salarynegotiations can be one of the most challenging aspects of job searching. Salary negotiation is more of an art and is often overlooked by job seekers. When a company hires you, they pay you not just for the work that you do, but also the skills and experience that you bring to their organization and workflow. Selling your skills for cheap will not only curb your growth potential but will also lead to degradation of professionalism in a particular field.

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Use @Pinterest To Improve Your #MarketResearch

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@Pinterest in the past year has become a new #marketresearch tool for #entrepreneurs and #employers alike. Whether looking to recruit freelancers or gauge current market trends, the below benefits of Pinterest for #companies is certain to offer something to the pioneering #Pinterester.

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An interview with an #Entrepeneur: Catherine Murray-Jameson

1 Catherine Murray JaIt’s always fantastic to hear of individuals and #entrepreneurs who achieve even more than they expected to. Today’s interviewee, Catherine Murray-Jameson, did exactly that, and she spares a little of her time from a busy schedule to tell us what she is motivated by, what her days consist of and what she ‘does for a living’. I also managed to ask her for a little advice for our graduates who are soon to be released into the world of work at the end of finalist exams, which I hope is beneficial to all:

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#Overcoming Your #Fears in #Thailand with @fiionaking

MindOverMatter - Fiona -  IMAGE#Overcoming your #fears is sometimes difficult with a new career, let alone a new country! When I began teaching a few weeks ago, I could hardly believe my luck. Not only was I in Thailand, but I was being paid to do something that was a walk in the park. I was a novelty; the kids loved me and I felt like a celebrity as I was followed around school by hoards of children calling ‘teacher, I love you’. Teaching was so easy that I barely batted an eyelid when after just one day of teaching, I was told that mostly I’d be a solo teacher instead of a teaching assistant. There was no way these adorable students could give me any grief, I thought. I remained unshaken that week, in which no problems arose to make me doubt myself, other than the inevitable exasperation of receiving blank stares for 80% of my day.

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5 Tips for Being A Good #Boss

Tips For Bosses - IMAGEBeing a #boss doesn’t mean that you are merely ‘supervising’ all your employees. We know that somewhere along the line bosses make ‘important decisions’ but even by saying that it undermines the responsibility. Being a boss isn’t easy; you are under direct pressure from all sorts of directions and if your employees fail you, then you are punished for it from outside, rather than them. To employees this is easily forgotten as you are scolded for a late deadline, but it is the truth of the matter. With this in mind we have brainstormed a few tips for bosses, to help their relationship with their employees, the way they deal with stress, and improving the weight of the pressure that surrounds them from competitors, suppliers and clients.

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The Value of an #EmployeeEngagementSurvey @aedanreflect

EmployeeEngagementSurveys - IMAGEIf you’re an #employer keen to find out how you can improve staff morale and increase productivity, then an employee engagement survey may well be for you. Employee engagement surveys are used by some of the biggest brands in retail including John Lewis and Waitrose and can help employees feel more involved and engaged in how the businesses are run. They are now used by companies big and small from a wide variety of sectors. The more staff feel that their opinions count, the more valued they are likely to feel, with better, more enthusiastic performances being the result.

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Does #BritishOverPoliteness Affect #Business?

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BritishCupOfTea - IMAGE#BritishPoliteness may affect the way we conduct #business. If you ask an Italian professional what they consider a working British stereotype, the response is pretty much what you’d expect. Living and studying for four months in Italy yielded many different ‘ideas’ of UK behaviour, ranging from our obsession with drinking tea to our inability to dress appropriately for the weather. The main comment I heard time and time again was that the British overcomplicate things with our desire to please.

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A #NewJob And A #NewLanguage in #Thailand @fiionaking

Nicknames - Fiona - IMAGEStarting a #newjob with a new group of people is a daunting experience for most of us. Being the new person can be both exposing and isolating, however, being given a nickname by your new colleagues can make you feel like you’ve gained their approval and been allowed into their previously exclusive circle.

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