Divorcing When You Have a #JointBusiness @aedenreflect

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JointBusiness - IMAGEDivorce is one of the most painful things a person can go through, but if you’re married to someone who you run a business with, things can become even more complex. Divorce solicitors like Rix and Kay from East Sussex, Sussex, Brighton and Kent can help if you have a family business and are separating from or divorcing your husband or wife. They can ensure that the business is not affected adversely during the divorce process, with income streams being protected and tax liabilities being kept to a minimum. Both halves of a couple may receive wages from a business. They may both work for it or own property related to it. It is in no-one’s interests for business performance to be compromised because of a divorce, though keeping both people involved in a business after a divorce is not usually advised.

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Meet one of our #LeadContributors: Elizabeth Moen or @littlebrazilnut

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ElizabethInterview - IMAGEMeet Elizabeth. She’s brimming with enthusiasm, currently living in Prague, and also one of our lead-contributors! We love her dearly, while she updates us on her adventures in Prague via her blog Prattlecake, or simply tells us how to get fit and in the right mind-set for work. We finally managed to pin this jet-setter down for an interview, and here’s what she had to say:

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Why #SmallBusinesses Should #HireBig [INFOGRAPHIC] @BELLRHONE

WhySmallBusinessesShouldHireBig - IMAGE#StartUps, #SmallBusinesses and upwards … no matter how small the company, these new businesses are now being looked to as the solution for our economy. But how can new companies reel in experienced workers? And what do they have to offer them?

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3 Things You Don’t Want To Say In An #Interview

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Interview - IMAGE#Interviews are never a perfect science, but let’s face it, there are some big no-no’s. Telling a potential employee that you don’t know what their company does is never particularly impressive, and neither is turning up half an hour late without an extremely good explanation.

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Taking The Plunge: How To #ChangeYourCareer

CareerChange - IMAGESo you’ve thought about it and you’re ready: time to #ChangeYourCareer. If the jump from old job to new is a big one, then it’s time to focus on how to convince employers that you’ve got what it takes (a.k.a you are capable of making the transition).

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Establish Your #CompanyVoice: 3 Golden Rules

CompanyVoice - IMAGEHow do you give your brand #personality ? Managing your #CompanyVoice is often key to outlining 1. your target audience and 2. what your company is all about. In a world where #SocialMedia is King, personality is everything, and relaying information in a way that your followers or customers find appealing is what it’s all about. So what is your company all about? Lay all your cards on the table and show the world what your company is made of: are you all about supporting the little guy, poking fun at the traditional structure of things, or are you just plain and simple ‘show it how it is’.

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On-Page #Optimization: Make The Most of Your #WebPages @aedenreflect

8.-Our-guide-to-on-page - imageEven in the days when #SearchEngineOptimization is an integral part of enticing people to your website, there are many other ways that you can #optimize your #webpage to potential clickers. From tidying up your URL to altering your descriptions, see below for Reflect Digital’s breakdown of the best ways to enhance your web pages. Thanks go to our friends at Reflect Digital for providing this infographic:

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#StudyingInPrague: The Prague Paradox via @littlebrazilnut

CrossClubPrague - IMAGE.pngOne month in and Prague has me wrapped around its manipulative little finger – guffawing too enthusiastically at its in-jokes, and staying up for 24 hours just to see its shy side in the morning glow.It’s a city of contrasts, highs and lows that have me hooked. It’s a walk through dizzying prettiness. The buildings parcels of fudge wrapped in pastel tissue paper, embracing swirling cobbled streets, slow dancing in the fresh pink cold. And then it’s a tram ride where a drunken man verbally abuses you for thirty minutes, and the kindest passenger translates so at least you know what everyone is laughing at.

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#SocialSizing – How To Optimize Your #SocialMedia [INFOGRAPHIC] @aedenreflect

SocialSizing - IMAGESo you have all the #SocialMediaChannels, and use them regularly … how do you make the most of them? Each channel has it’s own format and target audience to appeal to, whether it’s pinning your pics on Pinterest or tweeting to your Twitter fans. This handy infographic allows you to size up your social media images and posts to maximize it’s appeal, using it both for the job search and for your followers. Thanks go to our friends at Reflect Digital for providing this helpful insight into social media. Happy #SocialSizing!

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How To Get On With Your #Boss

GoodWorkingRelationships - IMAGEDo you get on with your #boss? Chances are if you don’t your #workinglife is filled with a mix of stressful clashes and concerns that you may be damaging your career. But there is a solution: remembering above all that your boss is also a human being (albeit a difficult one!) might offer the key to getting along. Ask yourselves these questions before you embark on an all-out office war:

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